When I look back the almost ten years that I’ve had a urostomy, it seems as though my greatest concerns were related to vacations. “Will I be able to hike as far, hunt with sleuth, wear a swimsuit… Did I bring enough appliance changes, can I count on the wafers in a hot sweaty environment or hot tub, will I leak in the hotel bed???”

Funny, vacations are such a small percentage of our time; why aren’t we worried at home?

Sometimes, in my regular life, I become so relaxed about it that I forget to order new appliances! I often forget what day I’m supposed to change, then catch myself in a hurry adding it to my morning pre-work routine. I know what kind of force it takes to loosen the wafer, and even in my nighttime subconscious deep sleep, I will be aware of bag fullness, twisted position, or pull from the night bag, and wake up to adjust it to avoid an accident. Practice brings familiarity and comfort.

On vacation, we are faced with unknowns. It’s a surprise that we go out of our comfort zones to investigate the outside world! I know that I challenge myself beyond my security level because I am hoping for the great rewards of self-accomplishment! Life is like the stock market; we can handle the downward trends as long as we anticipate at least an even result, in the process of hoping for a big positive! Since we all experience low days, if we don’t risk an adventure into a higher realm, we might be existing “below the curve”.

Live your life to the fullest! StomaCloak “The Security of Knowing”

By Dr. Joseph Salisz, MD a uroligist with a Ostomy

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