I’ve reached the ripe age of 60. My hours of work have been reduced by 50%. Although I feel very healthy at present, my health record sometimes slows me down like an anchor that I forgot to pull back into the boat.

Insomnia and anxiety weren’t part of my vocabulary back when I was bullet – proof! A diagnosis of prostate cancer almost 10 years ago relieved me of my Superman cape and forced me to accept my position in the human race. I had not only my prostate removed, but also my bladder, as the high-grade tumor had invaded that structure as well. I have a urostomy, and designed StomaCloak to help me, and consequently others, to rejoin mainstream society after Ostomy surgery.

I’ve discovered a few awesome results of my recent career slow-down. My wife and I had four children, three of whom are married and procreating, such that we have four wonderful grandchildren. Sometimes we get to spend the day with the kids! Without saying more, you grand-people out there already know how incredibly blessed we are!!

Grand parenting is a most remarkable occupation! Today I’m home with Jameson who is three. He has a cough that required a disconnect from his daycare and, because my schedule permitted, a stay with Grandpa!

Jameson loves to read stories, wrestle, and play with his construction blocks! He actually told me sleepily, when it was time for a nap, because we had played so much.

Of course, I’ll be tired when his parents get out of work, but this is quality time!!

Three months ago, our daughter coaxed my wife and I to join a “boot camp” exercise program. The three of us have accountability with each other so it’s hard to say I’m too tired to go when they are expecting all of us to show up! Those grueling sessions make playing on the floor with my grandson easy! I’ve already agreed to stay with one of my other grandsons next week…

By the way, those kids have no idea that I’m not Superman! Don’t tell em!!

By Dr. Joseph Salisz, MD A urologist with a ostomy 

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