My wife and I just returned from Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  I’m not a heat fan, nor do I like “sunning” on a beach or at the pool; I like to be active! But considering the late snowfall in Michigan, traveling south for a “spring break” was a wise decision!

Mornings found us reading novels in the sun, lathered in SPF 50 on the beach. We’d get too warm, order an iced drink and tip toe quickly over the hot sand to dunk in the turquoise saltwater waves. We also enjoyed walking the long-connected resort beaches.

Our hotel pool had a swim up bar. In the afternoon heat, we spent hours in the water drinking fruity ‘coladas. In the water, we even danced our version of the “salsa” to music played by a snappy Cuban trio without an ostomy mishap!

If you are headed on a “wet vacation” … pool, ocean, river, lake, then bring two swimsuits to trade out every other day so you can climb into dry duds. And it follows, that two supportive belts come in handy like the quick drying Stealth Belt. This device keeps your appliance secure even when dancing in the pool! 

Mid-week, I fished a half day with some locals. As we trolled the near reefs, my lure was attacked from the deep! After 45 minutes of fight and adrenaline, with butt end of the rod jammed into my left lower belly, (opposite side away from my stoma), I landed an aggressive 52-pound Barracuda. This was to the delight of my guide Luís whose familia would probably eat that fish for a week.

We shopped the Mexican side streets bartering for silver, pure vanilla extract, and colorful tapestries. My StomaCloak kept me comfortable in the humid 80-degree markets. We also dressed up for a beautiful Easter Sunday Mass in lightweight cotton, again feeling comfortable in my StomaCloak despite having an untucked shirt.

Typically, flowers are springing from the ground early April in Michigan. Hard to return to snow and 20-degree weather from that Mexican tropical vacation, but it’s always nice to come home!

By Dr. Joseph Salisz, MD  A urologist with a ostomy

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