I shiver with the words “Black Friday”!!

I grew up in a family that emphasized Thanksgiving. It was a sin to consider the Christmas season until thanks was offered up, family style, for all of our blessings. To decorate, or to shop for Christmas presents were to “put the cart before the horse”. Certainly, when the weather changes, daylight savings kicks in, and occasional snowflakes show up in the car headlights, winter seems just around the corner. November brings out wool sweaters, adds a blanket to the bed, and we make adjustments for less sunshine.

The first Thanksgiving was in 1621, included 52 English colonists and a number of native “Indians”, and was a feast lasting 3 days. They were obviously thankful for something, if not just promoting relationships. 

Traditions relating to gathering, roasting turkey, and watching football have all evolved as part of this American landscape. Recently, however, the commercial value to retailers has drummed up another calendar event called Black Friday”.

According to “Wikipedia” the term “Black Friday” historically referred to either examination day to school pupils, or to the gold market crash in the US economy in 1869. The shopping relationship was applied to the congestion of Christmas shoppers in the 1960’s. If a retailer could sell enough “produce”, his account could go from the “red” into the “black at that time.

Today “Black Friday” is a marketing scheme used to draw shoppers “to the slaughter”! People rush to advertised deals to save a buck on material goods. The onslaught of ravenous spenders has caused riots, and even deaths by trampling. Not ever wanting to be a part of this commotion, I would even prefer to rake leaves! As I stated, “Black Friday” leaves me with a chill!

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Make Thanksgiving a greater holiday, and stay home this “Black Friday”, cozy in your StomaCloak!!

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By Dr. Joseph Salisz, MD A Urologist with a Ostomy 

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