The gym I belong to serves a very diverse crowd and advertises that it is a “judgement free zone”! I rejoin every Thanksgiving to try to maintain a reasonable performance status over Michigan’s winter months. For three years in a row now, I walk to the same treadmill, start my music, and jog for 30 minutes. I’m happy nobody judges me because I don’t crank up the speed but I do breathe hard! Although changing clothes in the locker room is also “judgement free”, each athlete’s perspiration is as evident as his tattoos! I like to rely on my StomaCloak for its camouflage capability. Nobody in the locker room knows I wear an ostomy bag!

Standing Up for All

Lately, on Facebook I see beautiful people revealing their stoma appliances and proclaiming their lack of embarrassment. I’m very happy and proud of those extroverted ostomates who are standing up for all of us! That however, is not me! In my own bathroom, in my own mirror, in my own eyes, I believe I’m very handsome, but I like to blend in more! 

So maybe I exercise in a “judgement free zone”, but am critical of myself; how I look; how I smell; and how I feel… I can’t beat the security I feel in my StomaCloak!

By Dr. Joseph Salisz, MD A Urologist with a ostomy

Picture provided by Catilin McGinnis

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