Excerpt of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer's Letter to StomaCloak

Michigan Celebrates Small Business held an awards gala on Tuesday, May 3rd and Med 5 LLC, the company behind StomaCloak odor-reducing ostomy pouch covers, was recognized as a SmartZone Best Small Business.

According to gala host Chris Holman, MCSB Small Business Advocate, “Smart Zones across the state identify one business they worked with in 2021 that stood out with their perseverance, commercialization of technology and innovation of spirit to be recognized as their Smart Zone best small business honoree.” StomaCloak proudly received that honor this year. Company president Pat Camp joined fellow honorees on stage during Tuesday’s gala, as her company co-founders Dr. Joseph Salisz, Kurt Witham and Dr. Brian Stork applauded with the audience.

The same day, Ms. Camp received a letter from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer congratulating her and the Med 5 team for their recognition as a 2021 SmartZone Best Small Business.

“Your team and community focus has been an asset to customers, your employees, and Michigan. Thank you for your innovation and perseverance. Michigan is proud to recognize Med 5 as a strong and vibrant small business,” Whitmer wrote.

The governor also referenced Med 5’s growth within the ecosystem of GVSU’s Muskegon Innovation Hub. Camp recently echoed those sentiments: “We are a member of the Muskegon Innovation Hub, part of GVSU, and the access to experts in the field of marketing and business have been just incredible to us and helped us grow,” she remarked during an audio interview with Jeffrey Mosher of the Michigan Business Network.

“Governor Whitmer’s recognition of our progress is further affirmation that we are on the right path,” said Camp. “We love being a part of the Michigan small business community.”

Below: Brian Stork, Pat Camp and Joe Salisz celebrate the Smart Zone Best Small Business Award at the 2022 MCSB Gala

Brian Stork, Pat Camp and Joseph Salisz Receive the Best Small Business Award

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