StomaCloaks and German Shepherd Dogs

StomaCloak offers innovative ostomy appliance covers that provide a range of benefits to ostomates, from comfort to noise reduction. One of the most important benefits is odor reduction, which can play a major role in quality of life for ostomates.  Now a new study demonstrates that StomaCloak fabric is highly effective at containing odors.

The study took place in Milan, Italy and was published in Volume 22 of the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. According to the authors, “numerous studies have demonstrated the adverse effects of ostomy odor and appliance leakage on ostomates’ quality of life.” A number of solutions to odor are currently available to ostomates, such as liquid deodorizers, charcoal pouch filters, deodorizer pads, and pouch covers. However, the efficacy of odor-reducing pouch covers had not been studied in the past. Part of the challenge in creating a study is that human sensitivity to and perception of odors varies dramatically from person to person, making it difficult to obtain objective results. This study utilizes dogs trained to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in prostate cancer patients. “As dogs can reliably detect these compounds, it follows that they could also be used to test scent control products, such as a fabric stoma pouch cover,” the study authors contend.

90 urine donors took part in the study, including 15 with prostate cancer. Before StomaCloak fabric was introduced in the study, sniffer dogs were able to detect the urine of prostate cancer patients “with a sensitivity and specificity of 100%.” They were able to detect it very quickly – in less than 2 seconds. However, with StomaCloak fabric covering the samples, the time of detection rose to 30-40 seconds and in one instance the dog was unable to detect the sample entirely. Based on the results, the authors concluded that “The fabric significantly (p = <0.0001) inhibited the ability of the dogs to detect urine of men with prostate cancer-specific VOCs as compared to urine samples not covered by the material.”

While the StomaCloak team and our customers have long been aware of the efficacy of our products, we are encouraged by the results of this study. Scientific data supporting StomaCloak’s ability to mask ostomy odors was practically non-existent in the past, despite strong anecdotal evidence. Now science has verified what we long knew: that StomaCloak is a highly effective tool in reducing odor associated with ostomies.

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