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Ostomy Bag Covers & Quality of Life 

We are excited to announce that the effectiveness of StomaCloak the stoma cloaking device we have marketed for the past two years is to be evaluated scientifically. In the past, Rutgers University extensively tested the odor absorbing capability of the molecule impregnated material. But soon, American Veterans treated at the VA clinic in Michigan will scrutinize the life improving properties.

In a well-designed study of Veterans with colostomies, ileostomies, or urostomies, we will fit each one with our molecule impregnated, moisture wicking comfortable stoma pouch bag cover StomaCloak donated for this purpose.

We will ask quality of life questions prospectively, then again after use of the cover. In this way, we will gather evidence as to the ability of this device to limit the perceived odor of ostomies, improve dryness of the appliance, muffle the noises made by the motion of the bag, and improve concealment overall.

“Normal Life” 

Ostomates, according to reports, may not socialize as much as their counterparts; may not feel as positive about themselves; may just “accept their lot in life”. Reports even indicate that many ostomates become “disabled” and don’t seek employment. Our hope is that our stoma pouch cover will assist this population. They not only deserve a “normal life” but deserve help with any medical or psycho-social issues they may have. We look forward to reporting the results of this investigation.

The StomaCloak Team

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