Pat at Maker Faire

Ostomy Nurse Shares StomaCloak

Having the honor of presenting StomaCloak at professional venues is always inspiring. As StomaCloak President and a retired ostomy nurse, I always look forward to meeting colleagues in the field of patient advocacy and sharing information. These presentations, and the many conversations that follow, also serve to further broaden my own interests and knowledge of patient care.

The Mini Maker Faire

Overall, the Maker Faire is an event designed to be forward-looking. It showcases makers who are exploring new forms and new technologies. While the Mini Maker Faire is part science fair, part county fair it is also part something new entirely. The event features science, technology, engineering, innovation, and art.

“Over the years I have presented StomaCloak at numerous venues but presenting at the Grand Rapids Mini Maker Faire was the most exciting experience yet.”

What is an Ostomy? 

This particular Maker Faire was held at the Grand Rapids Public Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Several thousand visitors stopped at our booth and listened to our presentation. All of our visitors had one thing in common – they were curious. These are some of the many, many questions asked:

What is an ostomy ?
What causes a person to need an ostomy?
How does the doctor make the stoma?
What does the stoma look like?
How does StomaCloak work?
What is StomaCloak?
How does it help a person with an ostomy?

How Does StomaCloak Help Ostomates? 

First of all, StomaCloak is a unique product for patients with an ostomy or ostomates. This ostomy pouch cover is made of a proprietary fabric with molecules, antimicrobials, and other elements. StomaCloak successfully reduces odor from human waste and sweat. Most especially, it provides the “Security of Knowing” for ostomates, allowing them to more rapidly return to an active life style.

Pat at Mini Maker Faire

A Special Thank You 

Most of all, we would like to say thank you to everyone who stopped by to meet us and ask us questions.The personal interactions are what make events like this so amazing.

Finally, I would like to say special thanks to Kristin Barrington and her staff. These fabulous volunteers not only helped us find our assigned site but helped us carry our display items. They even stayed with our display while we took a short break for lunch.

With the Mini Maker Faire behind us, it’s on to Palo Alto for Stanford Medicine X.

About the Author

Pat Camp, along with Dr. Salisz, is the co-inventor of StomaCloak. She is President of StomaCloak and she is a retired ostomy nurse.

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