Ostomy Bags and Daily Challenges 

Over the years, I have attended a lot of conferences. When I stop think to about it, none of these medical meetings have ever included patients. This changed when my partner at West Shore Urology, Dr. Joseph Salisz, and I flew to Palo Alto, California, to present at a different kind of event – The Stanford Medicine X Conference – #MedX.

Stanford MedicineX is a patient-centered event focused on the future of technology, medicine, and healthcare. The event demonstrated how to use technology, not only to improve the delivery of healthcare but also to empower patients as active participants in their own care.

Furthermore, our experience with StomaCloak® taught us that it is possible to make a difference in the lives of patients beyond what we traditionally provide in the office and operating room. Dr. Salisz shared this experience as a physician, patient, and innovator with the #MedX community.


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