Pleated pants are OUT

As a physician, I change into comfortable scrubs for the operating room, but I am accustomed to wearing dress clothes in the office. While scrubs accommodate my ostomy appliance (and contents) easily, dress pants are another story! Pleats were designed to make folks look good upfront even if they are a bit “fluffy”, and they certainly conceal the extra baggage of an appliance! I don’t know when pleated pants went out of style but I have pairs of grey, black, olive, and three shades of khaki in my closet, waiting for the fickle public to reverse its opinion on those perfectly good pants!

I also seem to have doubles of flat-fronted pants in my closet spanning 2 sizes. Depending on my thoughts about exercise at the moment I may think I look good in the narrower ones or need more room in the wider ones. Flat fronts don’t conceal my appliance as well.

I know a lot of shopping is done online now, but I still like to go to the store and take a few size options to the fitting room so I can see how it FEELS to sit down in them zipped up and snapped. It also makes sense not to “empty” before trying the “sit down test”!

A newer addition to the casual dress pant is a multidirectional stretch with synthetic rubber. Lycra allows accommodation and improved comfort with an ostomy appliance! But again, it’s well worth it to go try on those slacks!

By Dr. Joseph Salisz, MD A urologist with a ostomy

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