Life is full of challenges. As individuals we each face our own trial and tribulations. Ostomates, or persons living with a urinary or bowel diversion, face special kinds of adversity. Now, as a species, together we are facing a global pandemic. During this difficult time how can we best support and encourage one another?

Pam Ressler at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts is an expert in resiliency. Recently, our very own Dr. Brian Stork sat down with Pam to discuss the concept of resiliency, ways in which we can make ourselves more resilient, and ways in which we can all help each other during this very difficult time.

We encourage you to check out Pam’s Podcast and we welcome your thoughts and comments on how we might further build each other up and help each other become more resilient.

By, Dr. Brian Stork, MD

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