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What would you say was the greatest invention? 

A news crew in search of a story circulated through the streets of New York finding individuals and asking a simple question: What was the greatest invention of the 20th century? Many replies suggested obvious answers such as “the Microwave,” “the television,” and “the airplane.” The reporters found a man sitting on a bench in Central Park eating his lunch and approached him with the same question.

He thought for a moment, and finally stated, “The thermos was the greatest invention of the 20th century!” Baffled by his answer, the crew asked why he thought the thermos would beat out all the other inventions… He said “In the summer, it keeps my Kool-Aid cold, and in the winter, it keeps my coffee warm! How does it know?” (I like funny stories!)

My wife Sheila and I skied at Deer Valley in Utah last week. Deer Valley ski resort had a tremendous snow year with an accumulation of up to ten feet of snow in some areas. The second week of March, however, was exceptionally warm. We had beautiful blue sky sunny days with temperatures reaching into the 60’s. Skiing was tough because the snow would freeze in the early darkness of morning, then turn to a mashed potato consistency under the noon sun. Not knowing what Mother Nature had in store for us made the daily dressing with long johns, microfiber sweaters, PrimaLoft vests, and nylon shells a comically complicated puzzle.

Stoma Bag Rituals
Ostomates develop certain rituals that get them through the day. Like remembering when was the last day the appliance was changed; connecting drainage bags at night; settling the bag and contents with each bed position; adjusting the stoma bag after dressing to fit with the clothing choices for the day, etc. One of my rituals is to put on a fresh StomaCloak after showering to cover my urostomy appliance. It nicely wicks away any moisture left from toweling dry. The SomaCloak gives me stoma bag odor control confidence. It also makes me feel like I’m fully dressed and ready to face the day.

StomaCloak works like a Thermos
In Utah, my StomaCloak provided another benefit. With the temperature extremes, climbing out of bed meant facing a cold chill in the hotel room. Then getting on that first chair lift in the 28-degree weather with intentionally lighter clothing than we would otherwise wear, that soft StomaCloak on my lower abdomen allowed my appliance to remain unnoticed and helped me stay warm. Later as the sun drenched us, we applied sunscreen to avoid a bad sunburn. Skiing through the thick heavy snow was hard work, and in the 60-degree warmth, under a few too many layers of clothing, we were perspiring! Certainly, in that situation, you’d expect the plastic of my appliance bag to cause me to sweat under the device, but the wicking property of the StomaCloak material helped my lower abdomen area stay dry and cool.

As my wife and I carved our turns on the slopes at Deer Valley I realized that StomaCloak may be one of the best inventions of the 21st century! When you’re warmer, it keeps you cool, and when you are cold, it keeps you warm! “How does it know?”

By Dr. Joseph Salisz, MD A Urologist with an ostomy

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