Pat with Laura Pat 5 k group

Lara Leininger, RN CWOCN and Angela Richardson, RN CWOCN and Co- Race Directors of Wannawearone Ostomy AWEARness 5k with Pat Camp, RN Retired/StomaCloak President in the center.

Stoma Ostomy Odor Reduction with StomaCloak-Celebrating Ostomates with World Ostomy Day 2015 

In the United States, the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA) will be hosting 5K and virtual 5K runs to celebrate. The runs are part of the #wannawearone movement.  The purpose of these events is to encourage and promote healthy lifestyles for ostomates.  It’s also a fantastic opportunity for family and friends of ostomates to share, if even for a few hours, the experience of wearing an Ostomy.

Take Your Time 

For those who can’t participate, for whatever reason, at the designated events, the UOAA is also hosting the Virtual 5K.  Everyone is welcome to join this event.  You can participate in the Virtual 5K virtually anywhere.

Wannawearone UOAA Muskegon Ostomy group

Even better, you can take as much time as you need to complete it. This makes the event ideal for those suffering or recovering from a physical challenge or illness. Remember, it’s not about your time, it’s about having a great time celebrating an active life with ostomates across the country and around the world.

The take off for the Wannawearone UOAA Muskegon Ostomy group # 338 is scheduled for October 20 -22, 2015.

Specifically, thank you, Desiree Miller, RN BSN CWOCN advisor MOA and Pat Camp, RN Retired/MOA President #338 for participation in Muskegon’s virtual 5K Wannawearone run.


Sharing Your Journey and Your Story

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to participate in a #WannaWearOne event.  It was a humbling experience to put myself in the shoes of an ostomate for a couple of days.  It really changed the way I viewed my body image and the image of others  – Dr. Brian Stork, MD

Ostomates who participate either in the traditional or virtual runs will inevitably have experiences to share and stories to tell – as will their family and friends.

We would love to hear your story be it in the form of a blog, tweet or FaceBook post.  Celebrate with a run, support one another and, please, take the time share your journey.

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