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I highly recommend the StomaCloak to anyone with an ostomy. I wish I had it when I first got my stoma! It’s very well made, has a tight, secure fit and feel, and is extremely soft and comfortable. Other bag covers I’ve tried were very bulky, and I couldn’t wear them outside the home. With the StomaCloak, you can’t even tell it’s on! I’m very grateful to the makers of the StomaCloak, this is a product made with ostomates firmly in mind. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Pat!.

Olivia Kamp

A++ great deal. Will buy from again
Just as described. Thank you
Excellent transaction…Fast, good Communication, as described A ++
Great communication, customized purchased listing for me, amazingly helpful!
Fast shipping. Fine seller. Good product

Ebay Customer

Had to have something to help with the plastic sound and feel on my abdomen. I am a chemist and know the chemicals in this Stomacloak works.
J - California

I usually have a leak from under the wafer and the stoma cloak doesn’t help me with that but very comfortable to wear and warm in winter.

D - Chicago

Black Tie… Black Tails… Black Cloak = Best Dressed

Friend - Illinois

My 18 year old son has ileostomy and will not take it off. Gives him so much security. Thank you.
New Jersey

Got it, wore it, liked it!!!!
W - Ohio

No insurance saves me money can wear bag longer.
M - California

Best cover ever!
I just purchased my first stoma cloak and I want to tell you what an amazing product you have. I have never had such a comfortable bag cover. I love it. Soft and hides the plastic noise of the Ostomy bag. Thank you thank you thank you!


Thank you StomaCloak. I am wearing my StomaCloak and as suggested I definitely feel the security of knowing my StomaCloak is working for me. It’s very comfortable tucked in and secure, as I go about my busy day. I really appreciate the soft and stretch material that fits easily over the ostomy pouch and appliance, which not only inhibits bacterial growth and potential waste odor, but also helps to reduce skin irritation during the hot summer days. My experience with StomaCloak can be summed up in three words- comfort, security, confidence.

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay, Author Better Witha A Bag Than In A Bag & Ostomy Lifestyle Expert, Ostomy Society of Canada

StomaCloak works! Have 3 now.

J - New Hampshire

I have convetec urostomy appliance needed to take care of odor from drops of urine, thanks.

F - PA

StomaCloak™ provided me peace of mind and helped to save me money on my other ostomy supplies. The StomaCloak™ fits well and goes on easy and has provided me many benefits including: Odor control, protected my ostomy bag from accidental openings, kept my skin warm in cold weather from the chill of the ostomy bag, and kept my ostomy bag in better shape adding time between changes (this saved me money). StomaCloak™ still controls odor after many launderings.

I have a colostomy and a urostomy. Wear one on each bag, soooooooo comfortable.
K - Texas

This product is a godsend for reducing odor!!
Spring Lake, Michigan

I was reading your email regarding the StomaCloak odor study. My husband is 57 and works every day. No one knows he has a pouch unless he tells them since he uses the Stoma Cloak. This has been the one product that has made his pouch worry free. We did had a few issues getting them clean and fresh in a traditional washer. They only stayed fresh for about 3 months. We have a new LG steam washer and washing the covers alone on the steam cycle has done the trick. Even the older ones were almost like new. We found with a traditional top loader that if you soak them in very hot water with detergent prior to washing they also will be good as new. They need to be dryed on high heat in either case. Have your customers turn them inside out before washing in either case. FYI the additional product that has made a huge difference in his life is the Stoma Shield. It has allowed him to buckle his usual clothes and he does not have to wear his shirt out at the office. Thanks to all of you, You cannot be told enough what a difference this has made.

Sincerely, Sally

Tried other covers, I wear the StomaCloak for odor and especially in winter.

Mark - Pennsylvania

I have recommended StomaCloak to ostomates I know. It works like a charm after swimming in Lake Michigan. t does cause a bit more of a bulge under tight clothing but it gives a lot back in comfort and security.

I really like my new stoma cloak. It is especially nice after swimming or bathing. It somehow wicks away the moisture as well as protecting my skin. It fits over the whole pouch and is very comfortable. It also gives me a secure feeling in case I might have a leak, so I even wear it to bed.

Home from hospital and got the StomaCloak for my son. He is 15 and loves it, will order more.
N - Carolina

J - Virginia

Fits great and is a product that does what it says it does 100%
Irvin - Lansing

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