Fishing with a Urostomy

I was walleye fishing with a couple of buddies last spring in an 18-foot open boat. There were hundreds of boats in the Detroit River for the spawning run. Sometimes a boat passed close enough to say hello, but most of the time people respected your space.  Beer goes pretty well with jigging and the flavor of the day was Coors light in the 16-ounce silver bullet cans with the screw off top. When a guy is fishing and he has to empty his bladder, as primitive and un-gentlemanly as it sounds, it’s not uncommon for him to hang out over the side and let it fly. Unfortunately, with a urostomy, there is not a lot of pressure behind the stream to project over the side, and make it look like all the other guys who already relieved themselves! So what do I do? Stop drinking beer when I fish? Or soda? Water? Coffee? Find fishing buddies with a toilet on the boat? Stop fishing? What do I do with a full urostomy bag on a boat? I could kneel on the side and just let it drain hoping not to fall in, or I could stand up and try to squeeze the bag to projected out over the side, but both sounded embarrassing to me.

I found the solution!

Solution! Silver bullet cans with their screw off tops make a perfect receptacle for what was in my bag. After draining into the can, I simply dumped it over the side. Nobody aboard nor any close boaters ever saw or suspected anything! Obviously, one could simply recap the bottle and carefully keep that one separate from the rest of the beer cans to avoid a salty mistake!

I used this same technique when fly fishing on the north fork of the Flathead River in Montana this past July. The guide and my wife in the raft had no clue I had drained. This would work equally as well to use a 16-ounce Soda bottle or one of those large Gatorade bottles.

Therefore, my tip of the day is if you’re going to be in a position where you have to drain your urostomy bag and be somewhere relatively exposed without a bathroom in sight, you should choose your refreshments to be in a large enough container with a screw off top.

By Dr. Joseph Salisz, MD A Urologist with an ostomy
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